Moving to Hawaii: Advice on Relocating to Hawaii, Shipping to Hawaii

Moving to Hawaii will be an exciting adventure, but can also be a bit overwhelming at times. We have created this guide to help make your move to Hawaii as easy as possible.

There are three main steps to your overseas move:

  1. Determining what to take and what to leave behind
  2. Getting one or more shipping quotes and contracting a moving company
  3. Organizing the documents and personal belongings you will take with you on the plane, so that your moving company can take care of the rest.

The first step, Destination Planning, starts with determining what to take and what to leave behind. This might take a few hours or more depending on the extent of your furnishings and other possessions. Since moving costs are based primarily on weight, start with the big stuff and move down the list until you're dealing with small stuff that won't matter much one way or the other. Read our "Keep it or leave it?" guide for more advice.

The second step, Shipping Arrangements getting one or more shipping quotes, is easy. Fill out this quick and easy "Moving to Hawaii shipping quote" request form. One of our moving agents will have a quote back to you within one business day.

You can fill out the contact part of the quote form now to get in our response queue while you work on the Keep it or Leave it Checklist.

The third step, Shipping Preparation, starts with organizing and packing your important documents and the personal items you will take with you on the plane. It's really helpful to do this first, so that important items are not overlooked or packed away with the items that will be packed and shipped in cargo containers. See our Personal Travel Items Checklist for detailed guidance on the things you're likely to need while traveling and in the first few weeks after you arrive, while waiting for the rest of your belongings to arrive by cargo ship.

There are a few other things to take care of prior to your move date, so we've prepared some checklists for those too. Arranging for shipping is the long pole in the tent, so take care of that before moving on to the next few items:

We've also created a Calendar Guide to Moving to Hawaii which breaks the moving process down into a timeline that will make it much easier to keep focused on your immediate priorities.


We look forward to helping make your move as simple and well organized as possible!